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Can any body help me? I suffer really bad every month with bad cramps and pains in my belly due to my periods any suggestions how to ease the pain any remedies or anything :) Thankyou

Acne scars

What. Helps with acne scars I got a few spots on my check area and now have turned into scars is there anything that can help with this or any DIY home remedies that will be great


I want to start taking vitamins any suggestions on what vitamins to take for everyday life style?

Any remedies for IBS

I have suffered with IBS for 11months now,some times I'll be really bad and sometimes I'm fine. I get really bad stomach cramps from time to time but for the past week it's been worse everyday any suggestions.

Breakouts/acne skin!!

I have recently noticed I have been suffering with bad breakouts/acne around the nose mouth and manly on the four head I suffer a lot with acne around the four head! Is there anything I can do that will help any home remedies will be easi ...


Any help hormonal acne, manly around the mouth on chin forehead, not overly bad but there's a lot of spots I've been using freederm spot gel for past couple of days any other suggestions?

Bleached hair?

Hi guys I've just had highlights done to my hair and bleached was used, it feels very dry and horrible can any body give any tips anything to use to help the dryness.


What M.A.C lip liner to go with MACs velvet teddy?

Hair (dandruff)

I suffer really bad with dandruff I've been using head and shoulders conditioner for a long time now and seems it's doing nothing, any suggestions

Hair help, please! by hanna

Does hair skin and nails by natures bounty help hair grow? If it doesn't, can you tell me something that does? Also does anyone recommend it's a 10 miracle leave in conditioner plus keratin?

Skin care products!!!

I have combination skin and I'm looking for some, cheap drugstore products I'm in the UK so any stores that I could find good products will help me out thanks.

Dry skin?

Is there any one out there who could help me, My partner has what looks like a rash it kinda looks like eczema it's only on the middle of the shine on the bone area on both legs his had this for nearly a year I would say and not sure what ...

Rimmel wake me up foundation?

Has any one used the wake me up foundation by rimmel London please comment and let me no what you all fault I haven't yet tryed it out yet :) thanks


I need help quick, I have 3 big spots on my forehead due to hormones as its that time of month I've been puting spot gel on them but doesn't seem to be doing anything any home remedies or any thing that can help I need them gone fast :( ; ...

How to get rid of flaky skin?

I need some tips every time I apply my foundation I always get flaky skin along the top of my four head and flakes in my hair I only tend to see this when I'm applying foundation and makes it look horrible any tips or products to use woul ...


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How to help split nails?

I've had this for a couple of years, I have 1 nail on my right hand middle finger I've noticed that there's a line going down the middle of the nail and at the end of the nail it always splits I've tryed cuting the nail short to help it ...

How to make my nails grow

My nails tend to grow really long but they get to a length then they start to split is there anything that helps I've tryed nail varnish that strengthens them but doesn't seem to work is there any home remedies..?

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