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joseph's Reviews (5)

Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt by Lush

Medium None Light Medium Heavy Very Heavy
Cleansing Effect
Very Cleansing None Somewhat Average Cleansing Very Cleansing
Moisture Level
No Change Very Dry Dry No Change Moist Very Moist
Relaxing Effect
Somewhat None Somewhat Average Relaxing Very Relaxing
Great product! But not or everyday use! Works amazingly on acne, scars dead skin and dry skin. Use a good cleansing face wash after along with a nice moisturizer( a heavy one if your using it at night )
Snow Globe Soap

Snow Globe Soap by Lush

Very Heavy None Light Medium Heavy Very Heavy
Medium Consistency Very Thin Thin Consistency Medium Consistency Thick Consistency Very Thick
Easy Very Easy Easy Average Hard Very Hard
Minor None Minor Some A Lot Excessive
Great smell just wish they had it all year !
GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate

GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate by Lancome

Light None Light Medium Heavy Very Heavy
Very Light Very Light Light Medium Heavy Very Heavy
Average Very Slow Slow Average Fast Very Fast
Speed of Results
Between 1-2 Weeks Immediate Less than 1 Week Between 1-2 Weeks 2-3 Weeks 3+ Weeks

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