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Do looks matter everywhere ? by krut

I applied for job so now I feel like I didn't get job because of looks and my face is full of acne :(

Foundation for oily skin by Mackenzie

Does anyone know a good foundation for oily skin? Price doesn't matter! Just need one that will stay on my face all day!

dark circles by Alexis

I feel like I have the worst dark circles their like bluish colored and I get them like all the time even when I sleep well! I really do need a good concealer but yet I want to get rid of them any remedies?

does anyone know a really good drugstore concealer? by Alexis

I have pretty bad under eye circles and when I wake up for school I need a really good concealer to cover my darkness up and make my eyes look brighter any help?! Any remedies as well? To help dark circles thannnks(:

Hmm... by Missy227

Is it bad to do a facial clay mask every night? or at least every other night?

Does anybody know what these are? by Jenna

I get random red bumps on my face that almost look like mosquito bites but smaller.They don't itch, and they pop up like pimple but have no head and look like bites they will pop up right before I go somewhere and then I have to pile on c ...

What can I do to cleanse my face from acne scars? by Maribel

I have many acne scars and freckles and it bugs me that nothing's really helped. I have a combination type skin it can be dry at time and in some areas it's oily like around my nose below my lip and the t-zone. I also seem to have an unev ...

Under eye concealer by miri

I have very red and puffy under eyes can anyone recommend a good concealer?

How can I get rid of blackheads by Denisse

I have tried everything to get rid of all the blackheads on my nose and chin, but any product just drys them up, and they have been dry for about a year now, and don't know how to get rid of them please help

What are your favorite face washes, peels, masks etc? by Megan

What are your favorite face washes? Or face masks just any of your favorite products for your face! Lol I'm just wondering what everyone uses. I don't know the exact name, but I've been using this clean and clear oxygen infused face wash ...

I'm sure I will do this by krut

If I stop watching porn I know I will not have acne becuss I only get acne after jerking off

Big pores? by nisha

I have large pores and I mean large help!!!! And acne too!

blackhead by Kathy

I have severe blackhead problem around nose area and terribly enlarged pores. however,once the product that claims mattifying always dries me out. have combination skin. any recommandation???

Under eye circles by Noelle

Does anyone know how to get rid or reduce blue undereye circles?

Oily skin by Lupita

My skin is extremely oily! I don't know what to do! I've tried every advanced oil control treatment from clean and clear to proactiv. Nothing lasts! It works for about an hour and a half and then my skin gets oily again! What do I do???

A face wash that controls shine... by madeleine

I really want a face wash that will control shine throughout the day, as I have an oily T-zone... Something that isn't too pricey please! Thanks:)

Winter dry skin by sara

First off, in normally have very oily and acne prone skin. That is usually a problem within itself, but recently I moved to windy Oklahoma, and it's really drying out my skin. My usual jojoba/coconut/ almond oil options aren't really help ...

Hair fall outs by priscilla

I just washed my hair and while I was rising and drying my hair I literally pulled out a fist full of hair... Is that normal?

Does Bio-Oil REALLY work on acne scars? by Jenny alaska

I've heard a lot of different things about this product, and how it can work wonders on anything from stretch marks to scars. But does it work on acne scars on the face? Has anyone had any experience with the product? Thanks :)

Dark spots on face by sneha

I'm only 20 and I'm already starting to get dark spots on my face (cheek area). A lot of creams have not been working. Any suggestions?

My nails break a lot by priscilla

So my nails break way too much like I could grab a cup and have my nails break. What could I do to help my nails not break??

Vaseline by Katelynn Vargas

I have oily skin in my tzone my overall rest of face is dry but i was wondering overnight can i apply Vaseline or will it break me out

What can I do about excess oil? by priscilla

So I tend to get kinda oily around just my nose, and I don't know why, can someone explain to me why this happens?? Like its just my nose and its really annoying.

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