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Concealer by Summer

I need a concealer. I have very fair skin and the occasional pimple. I need a concealer for light skin that won't create spots on my face. It would be helpful if it was under $20.

Acne. by Taylor Mae

I barely brake out and when I do it's because I'm getting my period soon. Well I've been braking out a lot lately. I wash my face everyday and my routine hasn't changed. Why am I all of sudden braking out?

How do you control acne? by hailey

I'm in my late teens and every time I think my skin is completely acne free, one does not fail to pop up. I wash my face 2-3 times a day and it seems to help but not completely. Help me please! I have oily combination skin!

Pill by Ana

On tuesday i went to my gynecologist and she started talking about my pimples in my chin (its the only spot that i have acne) and she recommended a pill called DIANE-35 . Then i went home and read stuff about this pill and there were a lo ...

Best eye cream for puffyness? by Pretty

I don't get any good/enough sleep at all lately and my under eyes are super puffy! Very noticeable even if I try to cover it with concealer! If you know any good eye cream that'll calm down the puffyness please let me know!

uneven skin tone :/ by abu

I have weird skin, my pimples are dry but I get oily skin as the day goes on. I wear Victoria's secret tinted moisturizer as my foundation but I have different colored skin in different areas of my face! How/what do toners do? Should I us ...

Clogged pores? by ScarletteLawson

I have mild acne , and I think it comes alot from clogged pores! Little flesh coloured bumps everywhere and blackheads, mostly on my FOREHEAD and nose and cheeks. Also, please don't recommend salicylic acid because I've tried that in ever ...

Best skin cleansing tool? by Lisa Jean

I have combination skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and was wondering if any tools (Wave, Olay ProX, etc.) would work on my skin? What would work best?

Face cleanse brushes by CaitRene

I need to invest in one , wondering if there is one like the clairsonic but cheaper ??? HELP!!


I have redness in the mid section of my cheeks of my face but mostly on the left side and I'm looking for a concealer that can cover that up if possible under 20 dollars

Can sleep and Pepsi cause acne ? by krut

I have sleep. Little bit like around 6 hours a night :( i know it's bad but can it cause acne ? And I've been drinking Pepsi a lot :/ too

Blackheads!! by Sydney

I have really deep blackheads (ew!) and I have tried lots of blackhead removing products but they don't seem to work. I need some stuff that will help!

Acne by boots

I've been using proactiv for a while, but recent changes in meds have my hormones going nuts and the proactiv is drying my skin out. Any recommendations on light and natural/organic skin regimens that fights acne without torturing skin? ...

pimples by jomie

ive been using salysilic acid for my pimples and it was good.. but when the pimples vanished? new pimples is growing.. its been a year since i live here in china. do you think its just because of changed weather?

Why do my hair grow so fast ? by krut

I have hair on my chest they are growing toward neck it's so ugly eww should I shave it ? Any way I can control it ?

Oily Skin. by Paige

I have very oily skin. Is there any product that can help minimize this?

What can I do to help my eczema? by kelli

I'm trying to take the scar away. Along with the itchy and burning. I hate doctors so I'm trying to is stuff on my own before going to the doctor.

Home remedy for even skin? by Shumiea

I have really uneven skin. It's darker on my chin and around my eyes from the rest of my eyes and honestly, it is really frustrating as its hard to cover and I don't know how to treat it. I have tried different products to help but they d ...

Cleanser for acne by Alexis

so I am a teen and teens break out actually all people break out at times and school is right around the corner and I really want clean skin. Does anyone know a good cleanser or scrub for zits/acne and some remedies for blackheads? They r ...

Is this a good regimen for an oil-slick teenage girl? by Alycia Eddy

MORNING'S 1. Wipe face down w/ wet cotton pad 3. Moisturizer w/ SPF NIGHT'S 1. Gentle cleanser 2. Acne medication 3. Lightweight moisturizer SHOWER'S 1. Exfoliant, then oil 2. Facial masks on weekends 3. Spray on lemon water whenever I fe ...

Honey as a face wash? by jocelyn

Have any of you ever tried using honey as a face wash and if you have what were your results? I want to use a more natural face wash because the one I have beaks me out :(

Dark lips by Hana

What's good for dark lips? I use to smoke and my lips r goin a little dull could any1 pls help!

Why do my scars get darker ? by krut

Why do my scars gets darker sometimes and sometimes they are light :/ it's wired I hate it but it's good for some time :) can stress play a role ?

Oily face by ashley mae

My face seems to be breaking out more and more ive tried different products but nothing is working I even switch my make up product I'm wondering what's a good face product ?

How can I fix a break out? by abby

I've been breaking out in the hollows of my cheeks , I am the type of person to never get pimples and when I do it's just one big annoying pimple... But this time around its more than just one and they're concentrated in one are . I don't ...

Showering with makeup by carmen

So most of the time, I shower in kind of hot water with my powder foundation on, is that bad for my skin?

Foundation for oily skin by Mackenzie

Does anyone know a good foundation for oily skin? Price doesn't matter! Just need one that will stay on my face all day!

Clarisonic? by Hannah

Should I get the clarisonic cleansing brush? Also which one of them should I get like the Mia? Or the 2?? I have no idea

Foundation? by Veronica Franklin

School year is about to start and im gunna be a freshmen i really would like to cover up my acne as much as I can. I've never worn foundation before but I feel like I need it. Foundation suggestions? Specifications: it needs to be drugsto ...

Face primer!? by Alexis

does anyone know a really good drugstore face primer? Or none drug store? Just really highly recommended one and works really well I usually don't care what prices they are high or low! (:

does anyone know a really good drugstore concealer? by Alexis

I have pretty bad under eye circles and when I wake up for school I need a really good concealer to cover my darkness up and make my eyes look brighter any help?! Any remedies as well? To help dark circles thannnks(:

light coverage/light weight foundation! ;O by Alexis

hi guys! recently I have been having my skin really clear but I still do have a lil bit breakouts here and there. So I need a light bb cream or a light weight converge foundation that is long wear and not drying to the skin does anyone ha ...

Am i doing something wrong? by Missy227

I let my nails grow out a little before i file and shape them. My nail routine: i file them to a rounded shape. Then i buff them. Moisturize. And apply a nail hardener. But by the next day my nails are all jagged and broken looking. I don ...

Acne face masks at the store by kayla

What is the best acne face mask that you can buy at the store? I am so tired of having acne and I just want something that will make pimples go away and stop then from coming back. Any face mask you know of please let me know it can be a ...

Blackheads on nose? by Maya

I've had blackheads on my nose for as long as I can remember. I've tried many different masks, and have tried bioré strips which helped a little. Does anyone have any home remedies? Or a product that works well?

How can I get a even skin tone

Does anybody know of to even out your skin color is cause my forehead is a little darker than the reset of my face

BB cream by abby

What are the long term effects of the BB cream? If I stop using it will it be like foundation and suck the glow out of my skin?

best facial moisturizer? by missy

i'm looking to invest into a facial moisturizer that would work well under makeup? i would prefer an moisturizer with NO spf because of flash photography and personal reasons. i also wouldn't mind if it was drugstore or department store. ...

HOw I get rid of spots on skin by Tammy

From all the mosquito bites I've been getting , a look of black spots are coming up on my skin . Well my legs. Anyone know of stuff to get rid of the spots??

Redness on face by Nicky

I've had red rosy cheeks all my life which is so embarrassing I've tried loads of different moisturisers but nothing works well any suggestions would be welcome

What can I do to cleanse my face from acne scars? by Maribel

I have many acne scars and freckles and it bugs me that nothing's really helped. I have a combination type skin it can be dry at time and in some areas it's oily like around my nose below my lip and the t-zone. I also seem to have an unev ...

Large Pores, Very Oily T zone, Blackheads by Dino

Having trouble controlling sebum. Entire nose and T. Large pores producing sebum, milia and blackheads. Very frustrating. I exfoliate, use mask, glycolic pads as well. There MUST be a way to CONTROL THIS because it gets very itchy and my ...

Acne in the summer by Jenny alaska

I have really bad acne, and I'm sure fellow acne-sufferers will agree that summer is not the best time to cover it up. Wearing make-up and sunscreen makes my skin feel oilier and greasier than usual, probably because your skin sweats mor ...

Shiny skin by Gabby

How can I get nice smooth shiny (not oily) skin. I am looking for a non peel mask and I am quite young so I'm look ing for a shiny bright finish because I am young and youthful. Ps, no acne yet so knock on wood!

Good cleanser? :0

Has anybody tried the Michael Todd ,Charcoal Detox Cleanser ?

What are your favorite face washes, peels, masks etc? by Megan

What are your favorite face washes? Or face masks just any of your favorite products for your face! Lol I'm just wondering what everyone uses. I don't know the exact name, but I've been using this clean and clear oxygen infused face wash ...

I'm sure I will do this by krut

If I stop watching porn I know I will not have acne becuss I only get acne after jerking off

Oily or dry? by Grace?

So sometimes my skin is dry and sometimes it's oily. I'm not really sure how to fix it. I wash it every night with a Neutrogena facial scrub and then I put on a Neutrogena oil eliminating toner, and then two CVS creams. Every other nigh ...

Big pores? by nisha

I have large pores and I mean large help!!!! And acne too!

Recommended foundations do acne combo skin? by Megan

I generally have oily skin. In the areas it is oily (nose, chin, under nose, forehead, cheats closer to nose) it's super oily! I have blotting sheets! But where I get a few breakouts it's dry, because when I wash my face it dries those ar ...

What's a good daily skincare regimen? by Alycia Eddy

I do not wear makeup (even though my my face is bumpy and I still have a face full of acne scars). I'm only in my teens. I have unbelievably oily skin. Just wondering what to use in the morning and at night.

blackhead by Kathy

I have severe blackhead problem around nose area and terribly enlarged pores. however,once the product that claims mattifying always dries me out. have combination skin. any recommandation???

Oily skin by Lupita

My skin is extremely oily! I don't know what to do! I've tried every advanced oil control treatment from clean and clear to proactiv. Nothing lasts! It works for about an hour and a half and then my skin gets oily again! What do I do???

Acne Is Back by Katelynn Vargas

My acne is starting to form above my lip on the corner on my cheeks its horrible its super red i need something to make it heel i also have a super bad rash from scratching my neck its also really red i need help

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