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No sleep :(

Is there any reason I can't sleep ? Like I can barely sleep 4 hours no matter how hard I try to sleep or how tired I am :/ it sucks

Moisturizing product for combo skin

Hello, my nose is like really really oily and cheeks are dry and so I assume it's combination skin so is there any good product that helps ? Thank you.

Acne and summer

So is is possible to get any because of being outside ? I haven't sleep much and I go to college. I didn't had any acne in winter because I wasn't going out and now I have like acne:/ help ?

What do you think of QueenB tea?

So I was on Instagram and Queen B's website I saw some great improvement in acne :) I don't know if I should order or not tho but I wanna make sure what you guys think :) thanks

Can sleep and Pepsi cause acne ?

I have sleep. Little bit like around 6 hours a night :( i know it's bad but can it cause acne ? And I've been drinking Pepsi a lot :/ too

Acne and razor ?

Okay started to use razor n it gives me acne on bottom of my neck n I don't know how n I think the reasons razor but what should I do ?

Acne in sun ? Do scars get dark ?

Hey so I'm ahold swimmer n I'm in swim so you can tell I love swimming but I have question about chlorine n acne plus I play soccer n I'm wondering if it's a big issue to be in sun while I play it's sweating for much n I have acne scars s ...

Do looks matter everywhere ?

I applied for job so now I feel like I didn't get job because of looks and my face is full of acne :(

Tell me a best shampoo for oily skin?

Someone answered e on my last question and I want to know the best shampoo :) so please that girl or someone else help me

Why do my hair grow so fast ?

I have hair on my chest they are growing toward neck it's so ugly eww should I shave it ? Any way I can control it ?

I often get White heads.. Big and small in size! by lisa

Please help ! What to do for these white head? Small small dots of white head i have on face which are not visible from far but when I touch my face it is not smooth give a rough feeling ! :( how to treat them

Why do my scars get darker ?

Why do my scars gets darker sometimes and sometimes they are light :/ it's wired I hate it but it's good for some time :) can stress play a role ?

Acne scares

Is there any natural way to get rid of acne scares ? Plus my acne is getting better when I don't mastrubute so it's plus kind of but it's habit now but evey acne levee me a big scare and dark one

can my moderate acne turn into cystic acne

I had some pimples like yellow one and they get dry later but now I'm having this big pimple which are just red and takes time to go away so what is it ? Is it cystic acne ?

Acne Agter waterpark ?

Does chlorine affect acne ? And I got bad acne right after water park I hate it :( what should I do ?

Pretty much got rid of my acne! by Megan

I pretty much got rid of my acne. I have small blackheads on my nose that are barely noticeable. I occasionally get a white head. That's all. But I still have a ton do acne scars. It bothers me so much. My skin would be perfect without al ...

So, I have stretch marks :/ by Megan

I have stretch marks on the back of my knees. So like on the back of my legs, where my calves and thigh meet? I guess lol I don't know how to explain it. But it really bothers me and makes me uncomfortable. I know lots of people have stre ...

I'm sure I will do this

If I stop watching porn I know I will not have acne becuss I only get acne after jerking off

Ugh acne sucks when you find a girl

I'm a guy n i have bad acne it is a problem for me to socialize with friends more importantly with girls :( I hate that thing :/

My questions about acne of course by Della

My acne is HORRIBLE but now I'm on my 3rd month of accutine (claravis) it has many names.. It's meds that gets rid of acne FOREVER yes that's right, forever, as in NEVER COMES BACK, my acne is already gone, and I feel so confident now, if ...

Is it okay to mix brands? by Kate

Okay so i have been using the proactive 3-step system for about 3 werks now and i really like it but there are also some other things (such as like pore minimizers and things like tht) that i wanted to try but they are from different bran ...

Prom and acne

So prom is a week away n I'm randomly getting pimples so please help me :( n I am stressed too I drink water n everything ? Shojld I stay in sun or not

I have acne on one side

I have acne on my left cheek that's just crazy my right cheek is little better but left has so much acne right only had acne scares when left side had bunch of acne and pimple stuff .:( hep me please thanks :)

Proactive by shashe

Do u guys ever try proactive? How is it?

My acne is because of mastribution

I feel like my acne only comes up because of jerking off n I can't control it so any suggestion to stop thinking about sex ?

Help by shashe

Peel off or scrub? Which one?

Should I stop wearing makeup? by clarkemarie

I feel insecure about the current condition of my skin :( it's not okay so I wear my bb cream and concealer everyday should I stop to clear up my skin ?

Hormonal pimples? by snewell22

So I always get acne around my period and they just stay there and when they finally go away (after a month) they leave scars and come back in different places. Advice?

Can Water help?? by Heather Gonzalez

First of all I wanna thank you guys for answering my questions you guys are awesome!! :) Now I was wondering does water help for acne or acne scars? Cuz I have people tell me that water helps for the skin and if its so then I should start ...

Black acne scars by Tiff

I have acne scars on the both sides of my face and chin. How do I get rid of them Plz Help

Redness tricks? by kiana

How do I get rid of the the redness in my skin? Products? Remedies? Thanks!

What is a good product for acne scare?

I have this big and dark scares on my face so I was wondering what will help me ? Thanks I have oily skin and spot are red

My lips? by Heather Gonzalez

Hey people's I just wanted you're opinion on something. Okay I have very dry lips and I've been using Blistex but for some reason it doesn't help at I have a friend who told me that Blistex makes dry lips worse but how can that b ...

Acne and mastribition (just for men)

No matter what scientists and health care people says about acne and Mastribition it has affect on acne. When I stopped doing it my skin was just clear when I started it it get really bad acne and pimples so yeah !and it's just for men

Moisturizer? by Rylee

So I have normal combo skin. So that means most of the time I have good skin not dry nor oily. But in summer it gets slightly oilier where as in winter it gets slightly more dry. With that said my question is, what is a good moisturizer t ...

Makeup? by Heather Gonzalez

Hello I was wondering if its true that makeup can cause breakouts? Cuz some people tell me that it does and others tell me that it doesn't. Also I was wondering if I have to stop wearing makeup to make my acne better? The products I use a ...

Why does my skin produces oil ?

I need to know the reason why my skin produce oil because I want to control it so any help ?thanks :)

Back Acne by Rachel

I have zits on my shoulders, I exfoliate often but I can't make it go away completely. Help??

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