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Cleanser help ? by clarkemarie

I ran out of my Cetaphil DermaControl Foam Cleanser and it was alright for awhile but it's doing nothing for my breakouts now I was wondering do I need another cleanser? If so which one (skin type combination, acne prone sensitive)? Or do ...

Oily Skin! by Melissa Llanes

Hello guys I need help! I have very oily skin and my foundation always tends to disappear throughout the day! I need to know if a primer will help keep the foundation on all day? I also have very clogged pores and I tried the bore pore st ...

Good foundation for dry skin? by Kyla

I have really dry skin and I need to find a good drugstore foundation that will not cling to the dry spots on my skin. I am currently using the Mary Kay matte-wear foundation in beige 3 and it's not really good for dry skin. Thanks :-)

Good moisturisers? by alishajade

I have dry and acne prone skin and have recently stared using a doctors gel which includes benzoyl peroxide and my skin is now even drier and painfully dry now. I really want a very affordable moisturiser that doesn't effect acne, help?

just me ? by xoxo

I feel like I'm the only 13 year old with bacne and bad spots, anyone else got it?;/

8th grade makeup? by Hannah

How much makeup should I be wearing in 8th grade. 14 years old.

what is the best ance treatment?!? by Reema Gill

What is the best daily wash or anything to clear acne and scars. I've tried everything from proactive to xout to almost every walmart brand. I don't have sensitive skin and I'm ready to try anything now! Anything helps (:

how do I fight a pimple without leaving marks? by yasmin

I have pimples everywhere! The good thing is that the pimples go down but the bad thing is they leave a red mark and I've has the ones on my cheek for 3 years!!!! I don't know how to get rid of them please tell me ! A home remedy or a pr ...

random but best lip gloss? by Hannah

Im gonna do a random question here but im looking for a good lip gloss. Anyone know of any amazing ones that they love?

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