Tv Experience

  • Assess your skin from the convenience of your TV
  • Learn whether a skincare product works for you in real time when watching commercials and TV programs, and get detailed product info
  • Track products you’re interested in by adding them to your list and sync it all with your account

The mySkin TV Widget is the ultimate unbiased tool for searching, sharing, tracking, and shopping for skincare products. User can search for any skincare product from the world’s largest database of over 150,000 skincare products and compare prices at over 100 stores in real time. It also serves as a personalized skincare assistant to recommend skincare products that work for the viewer based on her unique skin profile.

Currently, when a TV viewer sees a skincare commercial or product mention, she is unlikely to pursue the interest due to failing to remember or unwillingness to move away from the TV, so the effectiveness of the advertisement diminishes significantly. But most importantly, the viewer doesn’t know if the mentioned product would work for her skin.

The mySkin TV Widget addresses these problems by offering TV viewers the ability to search in real time for any skincare product and obtain in-depth details and effectiveness ratings across most brands. The viewer can save the products to her wishlist and share with friends. She can also get personalized skincare recommendations tailored to her skin profile via mySkin’s patent pending JLM technology and discover new products, without disturbing other’s TV viewing experiences.

This widget helps consumers to research and track products viewed on TV programs and commercials, creates excitement and awareness for skincare brands, and improves ad effectiveness.

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