Soap & Glory Fab Pore(TM) Hot Cloth Cleanser

Soap & Glory Fab Pore(TM) Hot Cloth Cleanser

Soap & Glory

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A natural cream with a muslin cloth for cleansing, polishing, and smoothing the skin. It cleans. It smooths. It melts away makeup. This product's three-in-one concentrated formula purifies skin deeply with a natural blend of revitalizing and aromatic essential oils for an all round Fab Pore(TM) complexion. Apply this cleanser and gently exfoliate skin with the included muslin cloth. Ideal for all skin types, especially those seeking natural alternatives for their skincare routine.


Routine Step:
Anti-Aging, Exfoliating


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Soap & Glory Fab Pore(TM) Hot Cloth Clea ...


Woman from United Kingdom
Combination skin

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Effectiveness 5
Thick Consistency
Very Easy
Yessss. This loves my skin. I massage it in with the little pink face massager that Soap and Glory will flog you for a few quid, and which feels both more effective and less skin-dragging than using my fingers. I prefer to take it off in the shower where possible, but it'll come off OK at the washbasin. The texture is gorgeous - thick and soft without feeling claggy - and the orangey smell might not work for everyone but I find it pleasant and uplifting. And of course the result: my skin feels clean but not with that "scrubbed" feeling I've come to realise actually means that I've irritated it and it will retaliate by getting red and oily. Since using this my years-old stubborn-as-hell blackheads are finally starting to shift, my skin feels soft and properly moisturised instead of the unsatisfactory effect of stripping it down then clagging moisturiser on in an attempt to counteract it, and lightweight moisturisers are now adequate so I don't have to choose between too little moisture or too thick and greasy a product. And because my skin is softer and less irritable, when I do get spots - and they're hormonal and so no mere cleaner will stop them altogether - they don't get as angry and they go away more quickly. The red aftermarks seem to fade better too, I think as a result of better hydration overall.

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