Restoring Neck Cream

Restoring Neck Cream


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A quick-absorbing neck treatment formulated with Phyllanthus urinaria and Sulwhasoo Lipo-. Filling Capsule help tighten and improve skin tone in the neck area and d colletage. Korean medicinal extracts lift, shape and firm up loose skin around the neck for a younger and smoother contour. Twice a day, gently massage cream on neck and d colletage. By Sulwhasoo. A neck firming cream that penetrates rapidly into skin. Developed with Korean Medicianl Herbs. Contains Phyllanthus urinaria and Sulwhasoo Lipo-. Filling Capsule. Helps boost firmness and volume. Mildly supports neck skin. Minimizes presence of deep wrinkles and slackening skin. Boasts a neutral colored formula that leaves no spot on clothes or linens. Reveals smooth and tightened neck skin. How to Use: Apply as the last step of a daily regimen in the morning and evening. Pack Size - 60ml


Routine Step:
Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Lightening, Firming


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Restoring Neck Cream


Woman from Singapore
Combination skin

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Effectiveness 4
Medium Greasy
Got this in sample size. My mum and I have been scouting for neck creams (well okay, especially her cause she influenced me to use neck creams) cause she told me that lines on your neck can give your age away. The first time we used it, my mum fell in love with it cause she believes the thick consistency is great for reducing fine lines. It helped to smoothen out smaller wrinkles and brighten our necks as well. By far a great product in our opinion, and we've been using it religiously every night in hopes to see the great results in time to come^^

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