Repair and Recovery Serum / .

Repair and Recovery Serum / .

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Sale Price: No Price Prod. Code: HS-16 GoW Repair and Recovery Serum Product Information Method of Application Use this serum as needed to soothe and heal the affected area. Then use as needed for maintenance. This serum is complimentary to our other healing serums: Banana Healing Serum, Oh No! What Did I Do To My Skin Serum and the Oat Enriched Serum. List of Ingredients - antioxidant - calming Marrubium Extract - anti-inflammatory - soothing Calendula Tea Marshmallow Root Tea Arnica Flower Tea Meadowsweet Flower Tea Plantain Leaf Tea Chickweed Leaf Tea - the above teas are soothing, healing, cooling, anti-itch Gum Arabic - natural thickener Larch Tree Extract - antioxidant - water binding agent Geogard Ultra - preservative Optiphen - preservative Forum Feedback I got a sample of this this morning, though sadly my skin is the best it has been in ages and the few blemishes I have are already healing nicely (much thanks to Tea Tree) so I'm probably not the best tester at the moment. With that said, my first impression was that it was a little too watery, or rather without any slip and so a bit hard to spread evenly across the face. I decided to try it instead of my HA serum mixture (I've poured all the HA serums I had into one bottle). I imagine that mixed into another serum with slip, it would work wonderfully. Or perhaps like a mister instead? As for the overall feeling of the serum once on the skin it is cooling and refreshing. Really refreshing. I applied it after cleansing with the Takrai Lemongrass cleanser and spraying with the Cranberry Hydrating Mist and somehow, before I put on my lotion, my skin felt strangely...I guess hydrated. Still wanting oils to protect it, but clean and fresh and hydrated. Just thought I would do a small update already , after a week of twice a day usage since this is the most hydrating thing I've ever used. Made another great discovery with regards to this today: works wonderfully to heal shaving rashes. After shaving today, my neck was rather red, but just a minute after I applied this my neck was fine again. I have Rosacea and I absolutely love this serum. I've been using it daily and my skin loves it. I've had good, but never "miracle" results with any of the other serums, but this one is close to it. Dramatically reduces swelling and redness overnight. I really like the consistency too. I wouldn't want it any thinner, and I like dispensing it from a nip bottle. I don't think I'd like it too much in a spray. This one is a winner! Hi Markey - I love this new serum. I get breakouts from Rosacea that are really inflamed and stubborn - they take a really long time to heal. I've tried a number of your soothing and healing products which worked well (including the banana healing serum and the super antioxidant anti-inflammatory serum) but this new serum takes the cake! My skin loves it. I have only tried it locally on a small area of breakout and it worked wonders to reduce the redness and inflammation and dramatically heal the spots in a few days. I can't wait to try it on my whole face, I think it will really help with my rosacea redness (but for now I am hoarding it until you make a big giant bottle available).


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Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Redness, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Itch, Lightening, Moisturizing, Protection


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Repair and Recovery Serum / .


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