Nettoyant Moussant Douceur Gentle Foaming Make-Up Removal Cream (For Normal To Dry Skins)

Nettoyant Moussant Douceur Gentle Foaming Make-Up Removal Cream (For Normal To Dry Skins)


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- A rich, effective makeup removal foaming cream - Helps mildly remove makeup, pollutants & other impurities that block pores - Formulated with Papaya extract to brighten skin & stimulate cell turnover - Blended with Boswellia extract for anti-inflammatory properties - Loaded with Bioecolia to control & restore balance to skin flora - Infused with Rhodochrosite extract for soothing & relaxing benefits - Leaves skin soft, calm, clean & comfortable - Ideal for normal to dry skin - To use: Foam up & apply to wet face. Rinse thoroughly & follow with daily regimens


Routine Step:
Anti-Aging, Redness, Anti-Inflammatory, Lightening, Moisturizing


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