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Sale Price: No Price Prod. Code: ES-2 GoW Cellular Eye Complex EDIT: we changed the preservative to Cosmocil CQ. The texture is still lovely and just a bit lighter in color than the original formula. 2.15.12 Customer Reviews 8.16.12 I read the reviews on CEC for years ...could it really be years? It took me forever to try it b/c I've tested and used all of Gow's eye products and had to work my way down the line. When I did get it, I wasn't thrilled, I didn't see all the wonderful things others raved about. I was using it with a few other eye products. The last week I ran out of my BELOVED GoW Away Circles (does wonder as an eyelid lift!!!) and started using CEC alone. Holy Heck, I am amazed!! My undereye area is a mess from year round allergies and sleeping on my face (I can't help it)...plus turning 40. This took care of 75% of my undereye issues in a few days. It also holds up my lids! I am going to rotate with GowAway Circle The Cellular Eye Complex has really helped me with eyelid droopiness . I use it most AMs and PMs under Eye Magik cream during the day and Markey's Shea Butter Blend at night. My skin is pretty bad under my eyes. I feel like its the only thing that shows my age. I couldn't decide which eye cream/serum to get, but I finally decided on the Cellular eye complex. It has totally rejuvenated my under eye! I had pretty decent luck off and on with different creams over the years, but lately when my skin freaked out, and I couldn't use anything (or else I'd get red/rashy), it got very dehydrated. Insanely crepey looking. After using the cellular eye complex, its almost normal heh! I can tell that the serum has more than just an application effect. For example, some creams will just make it look better for a couple of hours, and then bam! by morning you're the crepe paper monster again. now, I wake up, and they still look decent! Celery distillate cools eyes and inflammation, while DMAE works to tighten skin, addresses sagging skin, and royal jelly brings papery skin back to life. A mixture of extracts hydrate and heal the skin. This serum also addresses dark circles. Apply a small, pea sized amount of this serum by gently patting it on the orbital bone. The heat from your skin will draw the serum closer to the upper and lower eyelids. Distilled Water - hydrating - solvent Celery Distillate - cooling - soothing - tightening Tamarind Extract - hydrating - healing - soothing Lady's Mantle Extract - tightening/astringent Liposomes (soy based) emollient encapsulates ingredients penetration enhancer Royal Jelly - healing - plumping Sodium PCA - hydrating Tamarind Distillate - hydrating Glucosamine Complex - antioxidant - anti-inflammatory Apple Polyphenols - reported to have 3 times more anti-oxidant properties than grape seeds, 15 times more than Vitamin C and 300 times more than Vitamin E - intense moisturization DMAE - tightening Proline - wound healing - anti-allergen Xanthan Gum - natural thickener Cosmocil CQ - preservative (does not contain parabens or formaldehyde releasers)


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Anti-Aging, Redness, Anti-Inflammatory, Firming, Moisturizing


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