Canker Cover Patches by Quantum, Sore Treatment, Mint Flavor - 6 Each

Canker Cover Patches by Quantum, Sore Treatment, Mint Flavor - 6 Each

L-Lysine Herpes Cold Sore

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Canker Cover Patches by Quantum, Sore Treatment, Mint Flavor - Canker cover patche is a revolutionary new canker sore treatment. - It is a tablet-like patch, made from edible ingredients. - It sticks to the canker sore within seconds, and then turns into a protective film that lasts over 8 hours, releasing safe, natural and effective nutrients for rapid results and soothing pain relief before dissolving. - In most cases, a single patch is all thats needed. The oral canker sore patch: - Clinically proven - 8-hour treatment - Immediate pain relief - Shields and protects from irritation - Keeps breath fresh - No sugar, glucose, gluten, lactose or preservatives - Less than 1 calorie


Routine Step:
Anti-Aging, Protection


Active Ingredients Menthol 2. 5mg (oral pain releiver). Inactive Ingredients Alcohol (.55%), SD Alcohol 40 B (7.05%%), Benzethonium Chloride (added as a preservative).

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