After-Sun care Tan Extender

After-Sun care Tan Extender


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An after-sun care that is both soothing and moisturizing and that features a light self-tanning effect to make a tan last longer. The After-Sun Care Tan Extender is specifically designed to help moisturize, repair and cool instantly skin after sun exposure. Its formula is rich in soothing active ingredients (Andiroba oil, Alpha-bisabolol): upon application, it helps calm and cool the skin. The repairing, moisturizing and restorative properties of Stevia leaf extract, plant Glycerin and Shea butter comfort, nourish and provide nutrition to the skin. A careful combination of self-tanning active ingredients (DHA With its fine and lightweight texture, the cream penetrates quickly and can be used on the face. Used daily, After-Sun Care Tan Extender helps reduce the risk of peeling to enhance and prolong the tan. Skin is radiant, luminous and satin-smooth; the tan is even, golden and really lasts.


Tanning Product
Routine Step:
Anti-Aging, Moisturizing


Active Ingredients: - Alkekengi's Calyx:protects from free radicals - Andiroba:soothes, mosquito repellent - Shea butter:nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens - Rapeseed:brings lipids, protects - Vegetable Glycerin: moisturising - Stevia:moisturizes - Sunflower:nourishes, softens, revitalizes - Vitamine E:anti-free radical

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