Assess: mySkin created the proprietary BEST (Basic Examination of Skin Tissue) software that enables analyzing various skin lesions. One of the applications currently being tested is the early detection of Melanomas.

Learn: The quick analysis and results is a huge improvement over current methods. In addition, mySkin has created a network via which Physicians can quickly refer a case to an expert for a second opinion.

Track: The BEST approach enables tracking on how moles and lesions change over time, and monitor their progress. This is also crucial in enabling early detection of conditions such as melanoma.

ORS Hospital in Belgrade, Serbia
Government of Serbia, Ministry of Science

Recent validation study - 2010/11

Diagnosis Patients Lesions
Total 3,507 4,978
Melanocytic Nevus 1,567 2,769
Melanoma 110 110
Seborrheic keratosis 876 1057
Angioma 97 132
Dermatofibroma 76 97
BCC 436 459
Unclassified melanocytic 345 354

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