Why do I need to take the Skin Assessment?

In order to recommend the most effective products for your skin, we need to know a little bit about you. First, the basics about your skin. Then more detailed questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and product preferences. The more information you provide us, the more fine-tuned our recommendations for your skin.

Our patent pending algorithm developed by world-renowned skin scientists and technologists analyzes your answers to the Skin Assessment, compare the products you’ve used and rated with people just like you, and determines how each product matches your skin – 150,000 of them and growing! We don’t take any advertising from skincare brands. All recommendations are unbiased, scientific, and personalized to you.

What are the stars for?

In this case, seeing stars is a good thing. The stars are Overall Effectiveness ratings. Not how popular a product is, or how much you like the product. The more stars, the more effective the product has proven to be.

Why are the stars in different colors? Things would be boring with just one color, right? We’re anything but boring.

  • Green Stars are average rating from your SkinTwins - people with similar skin condition as yours (e.g., same gender, same skin type, same age group…). If a product is rated high by people similar to you, it is more likely to work better for you, as their skins react similarly to products as you would.
  • Yellow Stars are average rating from all mySkin members, including those with similar and different skin conditions as yours.

What does the percentage number next to the products mean?

The percentage numbers are Match Index: How a product matches your skin, or the chance that it would work for you. This number is unique to you and to every product, calculated by our patent pending algorithm based on your profile (see also How do you recommend products to me?). Products with 50% and above Compatibility are likely to work for you, those with 80% and above have the highest chance to be effective for you. Products with less than 50% compatibility percentage are less likely to work for you. You may want to avoid those with below 20% compatibility. The red exclamation signs next to the products means that it contains ingredients you specified as non-desirable in your Skin Assessment, and we think you may want to avoid. For example, if you mentioned that you prefer non-fragrance products, products with fragrance will carry a red sign to warn you against them. You can change your preferences by changing your answers to “Assessment”.

How do you recommend products to me?

Easy for you; tough for us. All you have to do is answer a few questions and then we get to work. mySkin’s proprietary technology analyzes your product experiences and preferences, and those of people who are just like you, to identify the most effective products. The idea is, when someone is just like you, a product that works for her (or him) is very likely to work for you too.

We find what skincare products work for you by:

  1. Analyzing your skin conditions according to your Skin Assessment
  2. Analyzing products you’ve used and your experience with them (both good and bad, so the more you add, the more data we input to give you recommendations)
  3. Comparing your input with ratings from people just like you as well as all of mySkin members
  4. Taking into account of your preferences in ingredients and other factors
  5. Our algorithm calculates all of these inputs and gives you the recommendation percentage of the product: the Match Index.

What is the Match Index?

The Match Index is our secret sauce: it is calculated based on ratings from all mySkin members who rated this product, as well as ratings from people like you (of the same gender, ethnicity, age group, skin type, sensitivity to sun, and sensitivity to products), weighted by their respective importance. We also take into account of your preference to ingredients and other factors.

The Match Index means how a product matches your skin, or the chance that it would work for you. This number is unique to you, and unique to every product.

Of course, this is just our best guess based on the information you tell us. If you don’t like a recommendation, do let us know, and tell us why. We are working hard to perfect our algorithm all the time!

Where do I find my recommended products?

To see your recommendations, you need to be a registered mySkin member (sign up here, it’s free!). Take the Skin Assessment, so we have data about you to work from, then on your Profile, you see a new section: Recommendations. This is our top recommendations to you, the most effective products we believe would work greatly for you. At the same time, you’ll notice that whenever you browse, the little question marks next to the products before you take the Skin Assessment are replaced by a percentage number, these are Match Index, essentially how a product matches your skin. This number is unique to you, and unique to every single product on, this is our best guess of whether a product would work for you.

What do those percentages next to someone’s picture mean?

If you’re not logged in or signed up, you will see a question mark next to other member’s profiles. To see how similar you are with a mySkin member, sign up and take your Skin Assessment. After that, you’ll notice those question marks turned to percentages – they are how similar you are with another mySkin user, based on both of your skin profiles.

What are SkinTwins?

Imagine having everyday access to a room full of skin twins: people like you, who share similar skin characteristics – like skin type, age, ethnicity, gender, diet, physical activity, stress level, even their hometown climate. mySkin makes it possible, easy, and fun to seek and share skincare information that will be more meaningful because of commonalities. Peruse discussion topics, ask a question and offer your own advice.

How can I make a change to my Skin Profile?

You can update your profile information at any time. Just click on your name to top right of any screen.

To change your basic info, privacy, and email notifications, click on the “Settings” button on your profile.

To change your answers in the Skin Assessment, click on the “Recommendations” link on your profile, and “Assessment” sub-tab to edit your answers. Only certain information (General information, Skin Information and other features, except for your birth year) are visible by other members if you choose, all other answers (Skin Concerns and Product Preferences, Medical History, Diet and Lifestyle) are private at all times.

To change the products you’ve used, product reviews, routines, wishlist, just go to their respective tabs on your profile to access them and edit. At this time, you would not be able to change the questions once you asked them.

How do I rate a product?

We take product ratings seriously. Not everyone has the privilege to rate every product. To rate a product, first add it to your profile, indicating you’ve used this product. Then from your profile page, under “Reviews”, you will see products pending your rating and review.

Why do I need to rate products?

When you rate a product, it helps us understand what works or doesn’t work for your skin. Once we’re in the know, we can deliver more accurate product recommendations. We kindly ask that you rate at least 3 products. However, the more you rate, and the more detail and accuracy you provide on the products you use or have used, the better we can identify what works best for your skin. You also help the community discover great products and avoid bad ones.

Why do I need to rate so many characteristics?

We ask you to rate specific product characteristics (scent, texture, irritation, etc.) because they all help you make the best skincare product decision. We’re here to find products that work for you: say if you like products with strong scent, no irritation, rinse off easily, we get you covered! Providing detailed product characteristics rating help us pick the best products to recommend to you based on your preferences, and help the community find what work for them too. They will thank you!

Do I need to write a review?

No, you aren’t required to write a review. But there are people similar to you who would love to hear about your experiences. They want to know the good, the bad, and even the ugly. So share your experiences to help them.

Do you sell my information to third parties?

A thousand times no. We don’t sell any personally identifiable information to any third parties (or any parties, for that matter). What you tell us remains strictly with us. We appreciate the trust you’ve given that we’ll keep your information confidential.

How do I change my Privacy settings?

Go to your profile by clicking on your name on the top right corner of the screen, click “Settings” to go to your Account page, and go to “Privacy” tab to set whether you’d like your profile to be viewable by public, community, or private. Change to the level you like, and “Save Changes”. The default setting is Public.

How do I change what emails I receive?

Go to your profile by clicking on your name on the top right corner of the screen, click “Settings” to go to your Account page, and go to “Notifications” tab to see the list of emails we send. Uncheck the ones you don’t want to receive, and click “Save Changes”.

What are the “Products” on my Profile?

The Products tab on your profile is where you put products you have used before and currently use. This serves several purposes:

  1. Tell us your experience (both good and bad) with products you have used, so we find products that would work for you. We may also find deals and discounts of the products you like.
  2. Help mySkin community members find products that work for them. Your ratings are part of the input of how we calculate the Match Index for all mySkin users. Your ratings and reviews help the community discover products that work for them.
  3. Products you use are part of your skin identity. Tell the mySkin community what you use, what you like and dislike about these products, and show your expertise!

Seasons change, your skin condition changes, and your reactions to products also change. So whenever you have used a new product, add it to your profile, and let us know whether it worked for you. This allows us to give you and the community better and better recommendations over time.

I didn’t find my product.

Can you add it to the site? Of course! We’re always updating our database with the latest and greatest. From the “Products” tab, search for your product, if you don’t see any, find the link on the lower left column: Can't find what are you looking for? Suggest a new product We’ll scour the world for your requested item. When we locate it, we’ll send you an email to let you know.

I submitted a product that isn’t in your database. How long will it take to see it on mySkin?

We know you’re excited, but be patient with us. The process may take 2-7 days, depending on where we find them. However, if we’re running into problems verifying your product, it might take longer. Try include as much information as possible – brand, product name, and a link where you can find it, it’ll help us verify the product faster!

How do I save a recommendation for a future purchase?

Just add it to your Wishlist, and access it from your Profile. Shortly, you will also be able to access your wishlist from our iPhone app.

What is a routine?

Routine is where you share what products you use when and how.

You probably use different products and steps for different occasions: what we use in the summer may be different from the winter, what we use in the morning may be different from evening, we may have a special occasion (wedding, reunion, important dates) that we work towards, or we may have a special routine to treat acne or redness. Or, you may be a Mom that want to remember what you use on your baby. So, we’ve created a way to reflect how personal skincare in the real world really works.

Following the right steps to care for your skin is as important as the products you use, if not more. You can also see other people’s routines of the same occasion – e.g., what specific steps others follow to treat rosacea? Have fun by creating and organizing your very own routines (i.e. My big day, summer routine, date night, workout) and receive routine-specific recommendations on steps you may be missing or products that may work for your occasion.

What is the Ask section for?

Your best source of advice from people just like you! Connect with other mySkin members to discuss all those difficult questions you can’t seem to find answers for. Browse a variety of topics, and feel free to suggest your own.

Do I need to register in order to ask a question or post comments?

Yes, you need to register in order to post comments. mySkin is your trusted community. We want our members to feel free and safe to express their thoughts among responsible and respectful community members. Feeling shy? You can still browse freely without registering.

How do I unsubscribe from mySkin emails?

Go to your Profile (link on top right of every screen), and click on Settings. Under the “Notifications” tab, uncheck occasions you don’t like to receive emails. Or, follow the Unsubscribe instructions in the footer of the email. If you unsubscribe from one type of email (e.g. mySkin Newsletters), we will stop sending you that type of email, but may send you other emails (e.g. Important Announcements) unless you unsubscribe from those too. This is to ensure you don’t miss out on important updates related to your account. We’ll miss you.

Are you going to send me spam emails or advertising from various products?

No, we’re not going to sell your email address nor are we going to spam you with advertising. You may receive periodic communications about your account or email newsletter with skincare tips, advice and latest updates from mySkin, and we promise it’ll be informative and totally personalized to your profile! Yes, you hear me, your newsletter is entirely customized to you! If you don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe.

I purchased a product. It has not arrived.

Although we send you to the products, we don’t send the products to you. mySkin doesn’t handle order fulfillment. If you’re having a problem with your order, please follow up directly with the merchant you purchased from. We only connect you with the vendor, since our goal is to be unbiased and not “sell” you product.

I purchased a product. Can I return it?

Please check your merchant’s return policy. mySkin doesn’t handle order fulfillment. Please contact the merchant directly. We only connect you with the vendor, since our goal is to be unbiased and not “sell” you product.

I want to purchase a product, but I don’t see an option to buy.

We know. It’s disappointing. We’re sorry this product isn’t available right now. The good news? We’ll keep searching for a retailer who does. So stop by later.

How do you support Melanoma research?

We feel very strongly about this important topic, as it’s one that has touched us all in some way. Our skin scientists are doing some of the most advanced melanoma research in the world, including new techniques for melanoma detection. We also donate a portion of our revenues to programs for melanoma prevention and education.

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