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Dry skin?

Is there any one out there who could help me, My partner has what looks like a rash it kinda looks like eczema it's only on the middle of the shine on the bone area on both legs his had this for nearly a year I would say and not sure what ...

How do I get rid of this crazy embarrassing rash?!

I've been to dermatologist and my doc and put on mess but nothing seems to fix my issue. I get about penny size hive type bumps that are like zits at first until they are popped open and then they flare up in violently red hives raised up ...


I have this splotch on my neck that's really red and and dry and sometimes itchy. It looks like hives but it's not and I've had it for a month and can't seem to shake it...what would you recommend?

Body rash

I have this rash that is all around my body and it iches and what can I don

How do I get rid of my acne?

My face gets oily really fast. I've tried Murad, almost all of the drugstore brands, and cera ve. I went to the dermatologist and she said I need a deeper cleaning one. I use this cheap brush to help get the cleansers in there but I have ...

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