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Chemical peels

Hi, I'm a student from Port Coquitlam. I used to walk a lot out in the sun these days as a part of our charity program. My skin has become really damaged because of this. My face, neck, and hands have become tanned and wrinkled. When I ta ...

What products are good for very sensitive skin?

So I have like the most sensitive skin ever. I have tried Many products that are for sensitive skin but they make my skin really read still. I was wondering if there are any products that anyone would recommend that would help me.

Any recommendations for moisturizer?

I have oily skin year round and get very dry skin in the winter. My skin is VERY sensitive, some days worse than others, and I can't find the right product for my face. When I use something wrong for my face my cheeks go fire red and sore ...

sesonal routine does it need to be changed?

so evryone always talks about winter skin and bigger pores in the summer does this mean i should change my rouitine and any sesonal product recamendations will be ace if u can xxxx ta 4 reading x
Fay x

I've discovered a new product for acne sufferers!

Hi everyone! Just like to share a new product that I've come across with you all :-) It's called 'Silver Serum' and it's an anti-bacterial skin treatment. It contains a special silver ingredient that kills the bad bacteria while helping ...
Jenny alaska

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