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What kind of sunscreen can be used for super oily skin? Mine is super heavy but it is the only one that doesn’t leave a cast over my face.

Which is right for me?

I've always thought that I had oily skin, but when I went to an acne clinic the woman told me I had very dry skin. The skincare samples she gave me are for combo/sensitive when buying products, do I go for products made for comb ...

Oily skin treatments

Hi all, Which all treatment methods are you using to treat your oily skin? I’m fed up with this problems. Actually, I had a healthy skin, yeah a bit oily too. but was under my control. But after my nose job things got changed. Do rh ...

moisturizer makes my skin oily

I've changed my skincare from brightening to moisturizing. but my skin gets oily. why is that? does it mean the products don't suit my skin or i put on too much moisturizer? my skin type is combination (oily at Tzone, dry at other are) an ...


I have a very oily skin and open pores . I tried many products to avoid that , but no use ... Who try something really effective thing

Combination skin with severe acne

I am 21, I have pretty sensitive skin. I always have one or two acne but occasionally it becomes severely red and occur on the whole face. At that time, my skin feels extremely dry and tight (it even hurts when you put on any moisturiser) ...

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