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I have a very oily skin and open pores . I tried many products to avoid that , but no use ... Who try something really effective thing

Bleached hair?

Hi guys I've just had highlights done to my hair and bleached was used, it feels very dry and horrible can any body give any tips anything to use to help the dryness.

Dry skin

I have dry skin ina country with high humidity how is that even possible?!

Salicylic acid substitute?

I have zit-prone skin but I'm also allergic to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil works pretty well, but I don't know what else might work! Everything designed to fight zits has salicylic acid in it! Does anyone have any ...

Cheek breakouts won't stop!! Help!!

I've always had nearly clear skin, perhaps no more than 5 or 6 pimples a year. For the last year, I turned 40, I've had blackhead pimples on my cheeks and they literally don't go away, they just rise up and down on my skin. Increasingly, ...

Deep wrinkles

I am an X smoker and have very DEEP WRINKLES around my mouth And forhead . I do have them in eye area but not so deep. I have Sjgrone Syndrum as well so I get strange blotchy rosacia . Right now I'm using Cortizone in sides of mouth ver ...


I'm just about 15 I suffered from acne for 3 years now I literally used everything and still can't get rid of them any tips ?
courtney mitchell

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