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Everything you need to know about varicose vein treatment in Chicago

Getting rid of unattractive, swollen blue vein has become ever more easier now with modern Chicago varicose veins treatment. The minimally invasive treatment is FDA approved and retrieve that bold and beautiful skin you once had. What i ...

How effective is acne treatment?

How effective is acne treatment? I'm 24 years old and I have severe acne. I have tried almost all methods to get rid of this acne but nothing worked. I had clear skin during my puberty time. I don't remember when exactly I got acne. At th ...
Jane Heyward

Anti aging cream?

Hey guys I was wondering if its to early to start using anti aging cream I'm 19 but I've heard so many how it's good if I start early and stuff and if by any chances you guys use anti aging creams which one would you recomme ...
Heather Gonzalez

Depressed Scaring on Cheeks

I had a few large (and deep) spots of acne on my cheeks. I was bad, popped them, and they ended up becoming infected! I was able to heal them over time with antibiotics (both oral and creams). However, I am now left with some depressed ...

Pore clearing products please share!

I get a lot of blackheads and whiteheads and they really bother me and just clog my pores, making my skin look oily and dirty. Any home remedies, tips, tricks, products or tool suggestions?

I've discovered a new product for acne sufferers!

Hi everyone! Just like to share a new product that I've come across with you all :-) It's called 'Silver Serum' and it's an anti-bacterial skin treatment. It contains a special silver ingredient that kills the bad bacteria while helping ...
Jenny alaska

Face Wash for people with little to no acne?

I rarely get acne, except for a pimple or two every once in a while. I want a good face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer that will keep my skin soft, clean it well, and PREVENT acne. I use the Aveeno Cleanser and Daily Scrub, and it works ...

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