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What can I do to get ride if dark underarm?

What can I do to get ride of dark under arm ? I don't have any health problem so far thAt I know of . I've been having this since idk when, I've try almost anything I can thank of. I'm a plus size I heard some stuff about being a plus si ...
Sophe Moua

Acne both in face ,neck and chest

I went under Accuran and I didn't have acne for 2 years.Now I'm suffering again and I face acne on Neck which is weird because before Accuran I have never face acne on neck. I do not know what to do,any help ???

Most effective drugstore acne face wash ?

Hi guys! I need a new face wash but one that actually works! I have really bad acne and need something to help it. If y'all have tried any good ones please let me know. Thanks!


I wear makeup and stuff and my pores get clogged and I'm now just starting to get some pimples on my face. Mostly around my nose and forehead but I don't wear foundation or anything. All I wear is concealer, mascara, an lip gloss. Any sug ...

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