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Sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins Chicago

Last year, I was suffering from spider veins and it really affected my self-esteem as my legs used to look so weird. But a friend of mine told me about sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins in Chicago itself. In this procedure, an inje ...

Is chicago laser vein treatment a good idea?

Being healthy is a state that many take for granted. It could be as simple as not having a cough, not feeling lethargic or even simply being well enough to go about your daily routine without falter. We also take for granted the fact that ...

Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scars

There are scars that run deeper than the skin. For some, these are brought on by those that are indeed skin deep. Well, for all whose inner scars are brought on by having acne scars, then there is definitely a solution; for both types of ...

Which is right for me?

I've always thought that I had oily skin, but when I went to an acne clinic the woman told me I had very dry skin. The skincare samples she gave me are for combo/sensitive when buying products, do I go for products made for comb ...

What can I do to get ride if dark underarm?

What can I do to get ride of dark under arm ? I don't have any health problem so far thAt I know of . I've been having this since idk when, I've try almost anything I can thank of. I'm a plus size I heard some stuff about being a plus si ...
Sophe Moua

I was my face with just water because face soap gives me acne.

I find using soap on my face makes me break out! I have tried lots of different types of face soap even soap free stuff. Washing it twice a day just gave me bad acne. But then I started only using water and my face is really nice! I do u ...

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