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Cleanser for acne

so I am a teen and teens break out actually all people break out at times and school is right around the corner and I really want clean skin. Does anyone know a good cleanser or scrub for zits/acne and some remedies for blackheads? They r ...

Is my routine OK? I only do this once or twice a week.

I remove my makeup using cleansing oil from shu uemura then use cure aqua gel to exfoliate my skin, then use clay mask pore minimzer from the face shop then moisturize using hada labo's moisturizer PS: I don't have acne prone skin. I on ...

Face Wash for people with little to no acne?

I rarely get acne, except for a pimple or two every once in a while. I want a good face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer that will keep my skin soft, clean it well, and PREVENT acne. I use the Aveeno Cleanser and Daily Scrub, and it works ...

Wanted to share :)

Hey guys I just wanted to share something that I've been using that has been working really good for my acne and its something called witch hazel and let me tell you it works wonderful it keeps you're skin feeling refreshed and stuff and ...
Heather Gonzalez

How to get rid of body acne?

I have semi sensitive skin with acne on my chest and back. I have tried many different washes, scrubs, and toners but nothing seems to be making a difference. It's super embarrassing to wear swim suits and tank tops, help!!!
Olivia Rae

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