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Breakouts/acne skin!!

I have recently noticed I have been suffering with bad breakouts/acne around the nose mouth and manly on the four head I suffer a lot with acne around the four head! Is there anything I can do that will help any home remedies will be easi ...

Red skin

I use benzoyl peroxide gel for my acne but because of it I get really extream redness in my skin Any home remedies or just ways of reducing the redness?

Depressed Scaring on Cheeks

I had a few large (and deep) spots of acne on my cheeks. I was bad, popped them, and they ended up becoming infected! I was able to heal them over time with antibiotics (both oral and creams). However, I am now left with some depressed ...

Pore clearing products please share!

I get a lot of blackheads and whiteheads and they really bother me and just clog my pores, making my skin look oily and dirty. Any home remedies, tips, tricks, products or tool suggestions?

Cleanser for acne

so I am a teen and teens break out actually all people break out at times and school is right around the corner and I really want clean skin. Does anyone know a good cleanser or scrub for zits/acne and some remedies for blackheads? They r ...

What can I do to cleanse my face from acne scars?

I have many acne scars and freckles and it bugs me that nothing's really helped. I have a combination type skin it can be dry at time and in some areas it's oily like around my nose below my lip and the t-zone. I also seem to have an unev ...


I have a bunch of freckles on my face. I know they're cute and all, but when you're fifteen and you already have the build of a little kid, it's kind of sucky to look like a 9 year old. i'm fine with the small ones, but I have a huge one ...

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