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Which is right for me?

I've always thought that I had oily skin, but when I went to an acne clinic the woman told me I had very dry skin. The skincare samples she gave me are for combo/sensitive when buying products, do I go for products made for comb ...

Body Acne

First I want to give thanxs to you guys for helping me and stuff. :) Now I have a problem and its in my stomach and chest area. I have a lot of acne mostly black heads on these area of my body so on my back but I've been picking at my sto ...
Heather Gonzalez

Anti aging cream?

Hey guys I was wondering if its to early to start using anti aging cream I'm 19 but I've heard so many how it's good if I start early and stuff and if by any chances you guys use anti aging creams which one would you recomme ...
Heather Gonzalez

Anyone interested in giving feedback for a free product?

I am with Clear Clinic The Acne Treatment Center ( and we are launching a new high end acne product line on December 3rd 2013. One of our "hero" products is a spot treatment called Vanished which works really well. W ...

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