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I've been using X out by proactiv for a while now if you have any questions, please ask!

hey I haven't been on in a long time. I just thought I'd post here, I've been using X out by proactiv for a while. so if anyone has any questions about X out, you can ask me (: -this isn't a sponsored post or anything lol. I just know a ...


My breakouts have gotten a little worse, and my mom is suggesting I should use Proactive. I'm not so sure about it since I have read reviews about it being extremely full of chemicals, drying out your skin, and overall not good. Is there ...

proactiv! acne! help!

I have been using proactiv for 2 years now, and it worked really well...but!! Theres still a bit of acne scarring on my cheeks amd forehead, just a bit though. And i feel like the product isnt really workin as well as it had been before. ...

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