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Can i get rid of my acnes??

I'm so sad. I always have acnes in my face.since i was 12 or 14 yo.and now I'm 20 yo.sorry my english so bad..i tried all skin care from cheap until expensive product.and all doctors and skin care in my town already i tried.but the result ...

Unblock pores

I have really blocked pores, I use a face wash both in the morning and evening. I do wear make up every day, but that's because I want to cover up my skin. Can anyone suggest something else I can do. I also have oily skin, so it may be th ...


Hey guys I've been noticing something for the past few days and its my face. I've notice that when my face is oily my pores are very noticeable and big. Is there a cream or a product (for a good price and easy to find ) that I can use to ...
Heather Gonzalez

What products can I use ?

I have combination skin it's both oily and dry so it's weird . I get spots and uneven skin tone and I have huge pores . I get this all over my body . Any suggestions for cheap products for this ?

Help for terrible pores

The pores along my t-zone have always been bad but they seem to be getting worse recently. I use a pore extractor to remove the filth and then cover it with a Clinique serum. My pores will actually overflow and turn into blackheads. THEY ...

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