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Any help hormonal acne, manly around the mouth on chin forehead, not overly bad but there's a lot of spots I've been using freederm spot gel for past couple of days any other suggestions?

Can i get rid of my acnes??

I'm so sad. I always have acnes in my face.since i was 12 or 14 yo.and now I'm 20 yo.sorry my english so bad..i tried all skin care from cheap until expensive product.and all doctors and skin care in my town already i tried.but the result ...

Body Acne

First I want to give thanxs to you guys for helping me and stuff. :) Now I have a problem and its in my stomach and chest area. I have a lot of acne mostly black heads on these area of my body so on my back but I've been picking at my sto ...
Heather Gonzalez


On tuesday i went to my gynecologist and she started talking about my pimples in my chin (its the only spot that i have acne) and she recommended a pill called DIANE-35 . Then i went home and read stuff about this pill and there were a lo ...

My acne scares are so purple how can I get rid of them?

My acne scares are all over my cheeks. I will breakout and it goes away pretty quickly but they leave a pretty nasty scare. I have been trying fading them with lemon juice,but that will fade my freckles and I kinda want them. My hope is t ...

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