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Body Acne

First I want to give thanxs to you guys for helping me and stuff. :) Now I have a problem and its in my stomach and chest area. I have a lot of acne mostly black heads on these area of my body so on my back but I've been picking at my sto ...
Heather Gonzalez

Depressed Scaring on Cheeks

I had a few large (and deep) spots of acne on my cheeks. I was bad, popped them, and they ended up becoming infected! I was able to heal them over time with antibiotics (both oral and creams). However, I am now left with some depressed ...

Temptations?!!!! >:|

Hey guys I have a problem...and it's that I haven't been picking on my face for about two weeks but I have this urge of popping my pimples and so I get stressed and I think I'm causing more acne on my face...and I also want to get rid of ...
Heather Gonzalez

How do I stop?!

Hey guys,I need help with something and it is that I always pick my face always I haven't done it for a whole now but eventually i will...and I was wondering if you guys know something that I can do to help me stop picking on my face. Btw ...
Heather Gonzalez

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