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Acne info/tips!!!!

This isn't actually a question, just me passing on some things I've learned. You can make spot treatments and masks using various combinations of sandalwood powder, turmeric, rose oil, limes, yoghurt, honey etc. make sure you RESEARCH whi ...

I want a clear face for school?

My mom took me to a dermatologist and he said to start eating right... But I love eating what I want when I want. I've had acne since 4th grade :/ and now I'm going to be a sophmore. I really want clear skin! School starts in a week. I ha ...

A little bit of everything! Someone help?

About a month ago my skin seemed relatively normal. I'd get the odd minor breakout or two, however, my skin managed to worsen over night! Went to my family doctor and he prescribed clindoxyl gel but it didnt work that well for me. My acne ...

How to control oily but sensitive skin?

I have an oily t-zone but I also have quite sensitive skin. I have found products that soothe my skin but do nothing for oiliness/acne or something that helps oil production but irritates my skin. Simple products are the best I've found. ...

Face Wash for people with little to no acne?

I rarely get acne, except for a pimple or two every once in a while. I want a good face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer that will keep my skin soft, clean it well, and PREVENT acne. I use the Aveeno Cleanser and Daily Scrub, and it works ...

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