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Any help hormonal acne, manly around the mouth on chin forehead, not overly bad but there's a lot of spots I've been using freederm spot gel for past couple of days any other suggestions?


Can any body help me? I suffer really bad every month with bad cramps and pains in my belly due to my periods any suggestions how to ease the pain any remedies or anything :) Thankyou


I need help quick, I have 3 big spots on my forehead due to hormones as its that time of month I've been puting spot gel on them but doesn't seem to be doing anything any home remedies or any thing that can help I need them gone fast :( ; ...

Is the Clairasonic any good?

My skin is very acne prone and I have heard about the Clairasonic (not sure if that's how you spell it). Is it a treatment with a wash? How long does it last? It's $99 and I do not want to spend that much on something that does not work ...

A little bit of everything! Someone help?

About a month ago my skin seemed relatively normal. I'd get the odd minor breakout or two, however, my skin managed to worsen over night! Went to my family doctor and he prescribed clindoxyl gel but it didnt work that well for me. My acne ...

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