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Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scars

There are scars that run deeper than the skin. For some, these are brought on by those that are indeed skin deep. Well, for all whose inner scars are brought on by having acne scars, then there is definitely a solution; for both types of ...

Any good anti-aging product?

My mom's birthday is on 30th of this month. It's her 60th birthday and we are planning to throw a birthday party. I was looking for a small pendant chain but then I came to know that she is considering anti-aging treatment from a clinic i ...

Any idea about direct neck plasty?

Hey! I'm 23 years old and live in Toronto. I maintain my body by regular workout, but I'm very much depressed about my neck. I look unhealthy and old because of my fat neck, I'm not able to burn the fats in my neck how much ever I work ou ...

Skin type?

I can never figure out my skin type, usually I'd say my T zone is most oily but then in the winter my skin gets so dry as a whole, especially around T-zone but then in the summer it's super oily everywhere. I don't know if it's combinatio ...

My acne scares are so purple how can I get rid of them?

My acne scares are all over my cheeks. I will breakout and it goes away pretty quickly but they leave a pretty nasty scare. I have been trying fading them with lemon juice,but that will fade my freckles and I kinda want them. My hope is t ...

Is the Clairasonic any good?

My skin is very acne prone and I have heard about the Clairasonic (not sure if that's how you spell it). Is it a treatment with a wash? How long does it last? It's $99 and I do not want to spend that much on something that does not work ...

Why is my hair so dead all the time ?

No matter what i do my hair is always dead. I try take really good care of it by using heat protecting spray and split end protector. I get it cut regularly and it is still dead after. I can brush out my hair and within seconds almost its ...
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