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Bleached hair?

Hi guys I've just had highlights done to my hair and bleached was used, it feels very dry and horrible can any body give any tips anything to use to help the dryness.

Hair (dandruff)

I suffer really bad with dandruff I've been using head and shoulders conditioner for a long time now and seems it's doing nothing, any suggestions

Hair products?

I have really bad dryed out hair it's so dry I've tryed everything and it just seems to be not changing it really gets to me is there any products or home remedys I could use please help me

Not really about skin but...

I said about me getting my eyebrows waxed but too much hair has been waxed off and there really different shapes so I wanted to know ways to grow back eyebrow hairs fast? I haven't got caster oil so I can't try that but any other ways, he ...

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