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How can I get rid of acne scars/ hyper pigmentation?

I had cystic acne for a while and now I have scars on my face from it. I've been doing a honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg mask to try and get rid of the dark spot on my face. I've used it a few times but it hasn't made much of a difference.

Red skin

I went outfit swimming today and didn't put sun cream on but my face isn't burnt it's just red any ways to get that to fade as I'm going back to school in 5 days and don't want to look like a tomatoe:/

What is the best cleanser for very sensitive skin?

I need a cleanser that won't irritate my very sensitive skin, however I need something that will be okay for combination skin. Ideally something cheap(ie. under £10). Thank you

Dark marks

Hey guys I have dark marks on my face from previous pimples that were really big and some of them I did touch but others I just left them to see if it would leave by itself so now their marked. I was wondering what's the fastest way to ge ...
Heather Gonzalez

Home made moisturizer

Hey guys I just wanted to share a few things for your skin that I have been using. I have been using three products on my face coconut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter. What I did was that I mixed them all together. I put a little bit of ...
Heather Gonzalez

What products can I use ?

I have combination skin it's both oily and dry so it's weird . I get spots and uneven skin tone and I have huge pores . I get this all over my body . Any suggestions for cheap products for this ?

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