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Seborreich Dermatites

Hello, its my first time and i dont even know what to write. I suffer from SD, and the last months i lost time to understand what is going on in my skin. And follow a youtuber and understand that this is about a gut problem, and started ...

Any good recommendations to take away minor dark marks on face?

I'm hate to throw this in.. But since I am African American and I'm have eczema. Not only I'm afraid to try anything but I can find anything to take away dark marks. I don't have that many. But since I notice it. I don't want other people ...

How can I get rid of the eczema behind my ears?

I've had eczema the back of my ears since I was a baby and I've tried Johnson's baby oil and water which makes it even more sore (which is sore anyways). What products could specialize in this?

I've discovered a new product for acne sufferers!

Hi everyone! Just like to share a new product that I've come across with you all :-) It's called 'Silver Serum' and it's an anti-bacterial skin treatment. It contains a special silver ingredient that kills the bad bacteria while helping ...
Jenny alaska

What's a good eczema body wash?

My skin is super sensitive, and I have moderate eczema, so I can't have anything with fragrances or anything like that. And I've been using Johnson and Johnson baby wash, but I want something new to use. Any suggestions?
bree c;

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