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Face washes to get rid of blackheads and excess oil?

I have very oil skin partly genetic and suffer from severe blackheads on my nose and cheek as well as oil production. I wash my face twice a day and that get rids of my blackheads for a few hours but they always come back? Any advice on k ...

My skin is SEVERELY oily which causes some moderate clogged pores. I've searched far and wide for the answer as to why this is and r ...

I have tried everything from supplementation to actually applying oils to my skin with no avail. Right now I am on vitamin A that I just started a few days ago and I'm trying to drink more water. Wish me luck!

Pore clearing products please share!

I get a lot of blackheads and whiteheads and they really bother me and just clog my pores, making my skin look oily and dirty. Any home remedies, tips, tricks, products or tool suggestions?

Most effective drugstore acne face wash ?

Hi guys! I need a new face wash but one that actually works! I have really bad acne and need something to help it. If y'all have tried any good ones please let me know. Thanks!

Face Wash for people with little to no acne?

I rarely get acne, except for a pimple or two every once in a while. I want a good face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer that will keep my skin soft, clean it well, and PREVENT acne. I use the Aveeno Cleanser and Daily Scrub, and it works ...

How do I reduce sebum on nose?

My skin is pretty easy to take care of, but my nose looks awful! Not only is the skin more red then the rest of my face, but there are a lot of bumps (what I assume are) clogged pores. The bumps are raised, and without makeup, they are ...

Does anyone know a good dee-cleansing face mask?

My acne seems to be deep within my skin, since I hardly ever gets spots on the surface of my skin, but always large, red bumps underneath. My pores are always clogged and no face wash has worked yet. Does anyone know any good face masks ...
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