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Acne both in face ,neck and chest

I went under Accuran and I didn't have acne for 2 years.Now I'm suffering again and I face acne on Neck which is weird because before Accuran I have never face acne on neck. I do not know what to do,any help ???

Depressed Scaring on Cheeks

I had a few large (and deep) spots of acne on my cheeks. I was bad, popped them, and they ended up becoming infected! I was able to heal them over time with antibiotics (both oral and creams). However, I am now left with some depressed ...

A little bit of everything! Someone help?

About a month ago my skin seemed relatively normal. I'd get the odd minor breakout or two, however, my skin managed to worsen over night! Went to my family doctor and he prescribed clindoxyl gel but it didnt work that well for me. My acne ...

I have acne on one side

I have acne on my left cheek that's just crazy my right cheek is little better but left has so much acne right only had acne scares when left side had bunch of acne and pimple stuff .:( hep me please thanks :)

Hi!~ I'm at my hormonal age where I tend to break out -.- well, I use to have clearer skin than now , and every time I DO break out ...

-acne scar products, or anything really that would help them -I have combination skin -no DIY things at home like lemon or honey since I've broken out from things like that -cheap products! -sorry about being super specific

How do I get rid of my blackheads/clogged pores?

Hey everyone, I have blackheads/clogged pores on my nose and the surrounding cheek area. They just make me feel dirty, and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how to get rid of them safely and non harmfully. Thanks!

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