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Fast acting stuff?

I start high school on Monday. I'm a very insecure person and I want to look my best. If u know of anything fast acting with great results, it'd be VERY helpful. Any makeup tips would be nice too. Idk. I'm desperate.

I want a clear face for school?

My mom took me to a dermatologist and he said to start eating right... But I love eating what I want when I want. I've had acne since 4th grade :/ and now I'm going to be a sophmore. I really want clear skin! School starts in a week. I ha ...

Acne face masks at the store

What is the best acne face mask that you can buy at the store? I am so tired of having acne and I just want something that will make pimples go away and stop then from coming back. Any face mask you know of please let me know it can be a ...

Face Wash for people with little to no acne?

I rarely get acne, except for a pimple or two every once in a while. I want a good face wash, cleanser, and moisturizer that will keep my skin soft, clean it well, and PREVENT acne. I use the Aveeno Cleanser and Daily Scrub, and it works ...

Does anyone know a good dee-cleansing face mask?

My acne seems to be deep within my skin, since I hardly ever gets spots on the surface of my skin, but always large, red bumps underneath. My pores are always clogged and no face wash has worked yet. Does anyone know any good face masks ...
Jenny alaska

Natural At-Home Remedies needed!

I have never broken out for more than a pimple or two in my life, all of a sudden I get to college and my face, chest, AND back go crazy. I haven't had many diet changes, and for being a college student I consider myself healthy compares ...
Tara Sauvie

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