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How can I get rid of acne scars/ hyper pigmentation?

I had cystic acne for a while and now I have scars on my face from it. I've been doing a honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg mask to try and get rid of the dark spot on my face. I've used it a few times but it hasn't made much of a difference.

Weird purple-ish spots on butt?

they don't hurt or anything, but they feel rough. they're about the size of a dime/nickel and I've been using cocoa butter to try to fade them-but I don't think its working. any help?

Dark marks

Hey guys I have dark marks on my face from previous pimples that were really big and some of them I did touch but others I just left them to see if it would leave by itself so now their marked. I was wondering what's the fastest way to ge ...
Heather Gonzalez

Any good recommendations to take away minor dark marks on face?

I'm hate to throw this in.. But since I am African American and I'm have eczema. Not only I'm afraid to try anything but I can find anything to take away dark marks. I don't have that many. But since I notice it. I don't want other people ...

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