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Body Acne

First I want to give thanxs to you guys for helping me and stuff. :) Now I have a problem and its in my stomach and chest area. I have a lot of acne mostly black heads on these area of my body so on my back but I've been picking at my sto ...
Heather Gonzalez

Acne both in face ,neck and chest

I went under Accuran and I didn't have acne for 2 years.Now I'm suffering again and I face acne on Neck which is weird because before Accuran I have never face acne on neck. I do not know what to do,any help ???

How to get rid of body acne?

I have semi sensitive skin with acne on my chest and back. I have tried many different washes, scrubs, and toners but nothing seems to be making a difference. It's super embarrassing to wear swim suits and tank tops, help!!!
Olivia Rae

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