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hellppp me !

Sorry but it hurts to ruin yourself, don't try things over the counter or anything you see try natural remedies. Like take olive oil and sugar and honey (a little from each) and scrub your lips for one min. Twice a week it will make them ...
♥ Asma ♥

stretch marks

Its because you have turned into a age of (purbity)and your teenage body is tansforming into a womans body while streching the mucles so I prefer Palmers Coca butter is good, also exercise can reduce them and drink lots of water. Here som ...
♥ Asma ♥

dark spots

Natural remedies can treat them easily and also you can find them in your kitchen like lemon, lime, turmeric, and others. ^_^ Good luck
♥ Asma ♥

combination skin help!!!

I have combination skin as well so I prefer Neutrogena cleanser and moisturizer also scrub (use the scrub once a week) to much scrubbing is bad for you. ^_^ Good luck
♥ Asma ♥


Try to put a hot towel on your face it help open your pores and then scrub your face with salt and lemon for one min. and then wash off with warm and the cold. Drink 8 glasses a day it clears your face and hydrates it. I also I have a sma ...
♥ Asma ♥

how to get rid of my acne scars?

You know it's bad for you then why are you accepting for yourself to be ugly, you need stay beautiful, leave the pimples and treat them naturally and they will disappear and I know they will soon but if you are just ruining your face and ...
♥ Asma ♥

how to clear dark spots

Try to put some lemon or lime it's the same everyday before you sleep leave it on till morning, or some turmeric and lemon wash it off after 15 min. And other remedies you can search for more ideas in YouTube. Good luck
♥ Asma ♥


Try to put oatmeal on your face it reduces redness and puffiness and acne and makes you face clear and smooth if do this twice a week you will see a difference but you have to be patient with the results.
♥ Asma ♥

skin complexion

Try using lemon or yogurt and also turmeric, these are the best to whitening skin and clearing it from breakouts. Drink lots of water it's very hydrating and clearing your skin!
♥ Asma ♥


It depends on your skin I prefer you to your doctor ask about your face,.. Try taking care of your skin more because our face is so delicate so be careful when choosing products or anything try using something natural like lemon, oatmeal, ...
♥ Asma ♥

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