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in my 20s

The brand Ahava is great, and though I do not use their age-defying creams, my friend's mother does and she loves them. I use their more general products such as cleansers, masks, salts and lotions. They've never let me down ;)

How to make my skin 'thicker'?

Look, you can make a really small investment in buying AVENE creme for intolerant skin, it gives skin back its natural balance... "makes it thicker" the protective film rebuilds... other one I like is LA ROCHE POSAY's effaclar H


Have you tried a good BHA product? I use Paula's Choice liquid (though I prefer the gel) at the moment and it dissolves blackheads completely within 2 or 3 weeks. Plus Paula's Choice always has online sales on exfoliants and theres lots o ...

dark eye circles

Put tea bags over your eyes before u go out? I read that online. If u try it I hope it works for u!

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