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Try using a face primer underneath and powder oh and if you can hold of them waterproof products work well and sometimes I spray my face with a little deodorant it's not safe but it stops it melting off that's for before applying the make ...

what is the best face mask?

This isn't great but I use neutrogena face wash and mask 2 in 1 then after moisturise well but if you want a homemade one try oats yogurt lemon and honey and if it want it to exfoliate aswell add sugar hope this helps oh I don't know the ...

I have these little fine bumps on my face can you help me get rid of them and tell me what products to use

The fine bumps aren't acne, it's your skin type, and by the sound of it, and what I've seen before. You have VERY dry skin. I highly suggest using clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Apply it to the skin, and use it twice ...

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