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Nose skin peeling

My nose did that too! I started putting Lucas paw paw ointment on my nose before I went to bed and then my nose stopped peeling! Only costs about $5-10 !


I find that aveeno cleanser is really good to prevent acne, nivea SPF moisturizer is also really good for afterwards.


This is called keritosis pilaris. Take apple cider vinegar pills, they will be gone in a month and a half!


I like Neutrogena, and I have the Neutrogena wave, a healing lip balm, and mascara by them, too. All have worked quite well :)

Black Heads

Excessive sebum production gives you blackheads. We must stick to an effective routine to have effective results. The basic products in our routine should include an oil-free cleanser, alcohol-free toner and oil-free moisturizer. Also, ...
Beauty-ista Sheetal


Hairline pimples could actually be due to hair dandruff! Have you changed your hair products recently? That could be another reason as your skin is reacting to these new chemicals. Dryness of the scalp, dirt buildup in your scalp could gi ...
Beauty-ista Sheetal

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