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fed up

Large pores - after a hot shower damp a towel with pineapple and lemon juice and rub it on ur face and wash it off after about 10 minutes . Also try tooth paste but not too much just in case it's not good for ur skin ( the stinging is na ...


I agree with sarah and lol my name is Sarah too I have these pimples on my chin and I tried it woke up the next day and gone most of my friends use it too I'd recommend it even though it stings a bit from the mint !

help me please!

Stop squeezing and touching your face take care of your face and search in youtube for natural home remedies for acne and breakouts and treat your skin naturally. ^_^
♥ Asma ♥


The same brand as your cleanser, it's not good to take two different brands one brand is better even I am sure thats the best thing to do. ^_^ Good luck
♥ Asma ♥

eye cream

This is a cheap natural remedy,put two slices of potato, or blend a small piece of cucumber and blend it with a little water and then take square pads for you eyes and put them in the cucumber juice squeeze to drain then put them in a san ...
♥ Asma ♥

irritated skin

Try oatmeal or yogurt it's perfect for your face and also other remedies might work. Put a little amount of water on the oatmeal and exfoliate your face. It's great for redness and irritated skin. ^_^Good luck
♥ Asma ♥

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