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I am 27 YO . My skin has gone at least 3 tones darker in the last few years . I had wheatish complexion and now I feel it has become dusky . I can see pores , lines , patches everywhere . It has lost glow and looks very dull . I don’t use ...

Face washes to get rid of blackheads and excess oil?

I have very oil skin partly genetic and suffer from severe blackheads on my nose and cheek as well as oil production. I wash my face twice a day and that get rids of my blackheads for a few hours but they always come back? Any advice on k ...

I have heard about gly sal 10-2 pads (or other products with glycolic acid)

Hi Scarlette, Are you sure it's a safe variant? I've read a couple of Health articles on college health (issues category). A lot of students who used it had skin problems some time afterwards. In some resea ...
Sven Taow

which cooperate to help solid mind function ?

On the off chance that you are searching for answer for aforementioned issues, at that point Brain c 13 is the correct answer for you. This cerebrum improvement supplement will help you as an examining help, a characteristic energizer, Br ...

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