What products are good for very sensitive skin?

So I have like the most sensitive skin ever. I have tried Many products that are for sensitive skin but they make my skin really read still. I was wondering if there are any products that anyone would recommend that would help me.

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3 answers


How similar is Leah's skin with yours? Take the Skin Assessment to find out how similar you are and find your SkinTwins.

Cetaphil face cleanser, Aveeno Skin Relief body wash, and sarna lotion (can be used on face and body)

How similar is Jim's skin with yours? Take the Skin Assessment to find out how similar you are and find your SkinTwins.

Soothe regimen from Rodan + Fields Dermatologists https://youthfulradiance.myrandf.com/Shop/Soothe These are the same doctors that created Proactiv, the #1 acne treatment in the world! They are still practicing dermatologists and they treat all sorts of skin conditions including sensitivity like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis daily. The Soothe line is designed specifically to treat the symptoms of sensitivity by building up the compromised lipid barrier. Sensitivities can be the result of many factors. Stress, product ingredient reactions, diet, hormones, environmental factors, lifestyle habits can all contribute. To better understand your sensitivity, you might try keeping a journal of all these things until you start to see a pattern. Regardless, your sensitive skin is sending you a signal. At present, there are only two ways to treat that; identify the source and / or treat the symptoms. Start by treating the symptoms. This means using products that not only shield the skin, but rebuild the skin's protective barrier. When you find a product that does this for you, don't let your skin's healed state fool you into thinking you no longer need the products because this will only bring back the issue. Unfortunately, there is no real "cure" as of yet for skin conditions like sensitivity or acne...only products to calm the skin and control the outbreaks. Every Rodan + Fields product comes with a 100% 60-day empty jar money back satisfaction guarantee...something you're not likely to get with a product from a drugstore. You can learn more about skin on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RFJim

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