Seborreich Dermatites

Hello, its my first time and i dont even know what to write. I suffer from SD, and the last months i lost time to understand what is going on in my skin. And follow a youtuber and understand that this is about a gut problem, and started to cut in food. After not eating fried food, milk , cheese or fatty food, for the first time my redness on middle chest started to vanish and only appears a little on a flare up. But my face, the T ZONE sometimes is more red and inflammed and other times less but never fully clean. I also have the redness on some parts of the scalp. What i do in my face when is more red and becames better its: baking soda for 10 minutes than ACV. and next day my skin is full of flakes and came off, and the pain of the redness its gone, but the redness remains. I dont know what to do more, i understand that food its a trigger, but why i always have the redness? What you guys advice? its normal the redness to remains more time? I dont use any creams, because i dont want. Just natural oils. These days i even use natural honey. Thank you

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