I have severe acne and sensitive skin

I have severe acne all over my face but I have super sensitive skin. I’m currently trying Clinique skincare but am not seeing results. I’ve had bad reactions to benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid. What do I do? It’s become such a huge problem for me over the past few months.

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Hey Cammi, Recently I have came across two products that I have been using for the past 2 months that have shown very good results. They have helped clear up my acne in the past month of using them. The first is the pure biology anti-aging cream. I wash my face with water then apply it every night before bed. It has drastically helped clear up my skin and reduce wrinkles. Heres a link to the product: In the morning after I take a shower and wash my face, I use this product to help moisturize and smooth my skin. It is a bit pricey, but it works better than a majority of the products I've tried from Clean & Clear and Proactive. Heres the second product: I hope they work for you because they sure worked for me. Please keep me updated!

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Sorry to hear that. I too had acne during my teenage. I had undergone may treatments but couldn't find any permanent result. I was very disappointed. Later I came across a blog which says acne can be due to the increase in testosterone or the improper functioning of colon and the kidney. So I underwent a hormonal test. The doctor advised me to undergo colonics from a clinic in Toronto ( ). He told me that acne is an indication of colon that cannot absorb vitamin A and assured me complete recovery after colon hydrotherapy. It's been 3 months after colon hydrotherapy and so far there is no new acne and I'm happy with the result. I think you must undergo a hormonal test to know more about the cause of your acne and then consider the treatment.

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