I have oily, dry and sensitive skin and nothing works that doesn't make my skin peel plz help

Preferably cheep options

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2 answers

Ashley :)
Ashley :)

How similar is Ashley :)'s skin with yours? Take the Skin Assessment to find out how similar you are and find your SkinTwins.

Try the Michael Todd True Organics skin line or the Simple line good luck :)

How similar is Jim's skin with yours? Take the Skin Assessment to find out how similar you are and find your SkinTwins.

Hi Brooke, It might help if you could be more specific. You're indicating that you have combination skin but don't indicate where the oily and dry areas are located. You also state that nothing works which means you've tried many products without revealing what it is you're trying to address except that you did say you have sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, I recommend Rodan + Fields Soothe regimen. It is specifically designed for sensitive skin; eczema, rosacea, psoriasis. Even if you don't have one of these conditions, you want a product like Soothe that is designed to desensitize the skin and rebuild the lipid barrier to tolerate changes to the skin whether it's from climate changes or products. First and foremost, stop trying a variety of products. Sometimes mixing products not specifically designed to work one with another can actually cause reactions. Second, treat only one condition at a time initially and ease your way into a regimen that addresses it. Third, stick with the program for at least two months to see results. Identify what your desired goal is with your skin to know what products to pick for treatment. Sensitive skin trumps all, then acne, then things like hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and finally fine lines and wrinkles. Here is some information on Soothe from my Youtube channel: Here is a link to the Soothe Regimen which is dosed out for 60-day use and comes with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. You could be genetically pre-disposed to oily skin. On the other hand, lifestyle (foods/drinks/sleep) can also have an impact. Oily skin can lead to acne. Dry patches can be a symptom of reaction to a product or something like eczema or psoriasis. You may want to see a dermatologist. If you are choosing products based on price rather than by understanding your skin and the ingredients in the products, you're likely to continue having problems.

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