How fractional laser resurfacing in Chicago works?

Fractional laser resurfacing in Chicago is a new form of CO2 resurfacing. This treatment reduces wrinkles, skin discoloration, treats sunburn, improves laxity and reduces the appearance of scarring. It promotes new collagen growth of your skin which over time tightens your skin. How it works Laser resurfacing Chicago uses short-pulsed light energy. This light beam when continuously delivered in a scanning pattern helps remove thin layer of skin with less heat damage. Recovery takes up to two weeks. And after two weeks, you will see its results. Depending on your scar, your doctor will tell you an exact time when you would start seeing the results. Side effects After the treatment, your skin will be red in color like sunburn. It will take 3-4 days to heal. During this period, your doctor will recommend you to apply skin hydration lotion to keep your skin moist. Don’t apply makeup or anything that contain chemicals before, during or immediately after treatment.

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