Heather Gonzalez

Home made moisturizer

Hey guys I just wanted to share a few things for your skin that I have been using. I have been using three products on my face coconut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter. What I did was that I mixed them all together. I put a little bit of coconut and almond oil in the cocoa butter container and mixed them all together. Not only is it a good moisturizer but each of these products are natural and have essential vitamins for your face. You guys can try them out and see for yourself or you can try then out separately of course they are all very good on their own and they don't cost no more than 3-5 in pharmacy. :)

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Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez

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Actually the oils cost me less than a dollar the cocoa butter cost me at least 3 but I still think their a good price and they help a lot for dry skin and some of those oils help for acne. Reducing redness and inflammation. The almond oil helps to prevent aging and dark circles and its full of vitamin E. Coconut oil has similar benefits. You can search them online they can also be use for hair.

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